Multi-Tasking Skin Care Products to KIV

Multi-Tasking Skin Care Products to KIV

One of the eternal problems of skincare seems to be that good skincare inevitably means you end up accumulating countless specialty products. We know very well that all of them do something and that they can help our skin, but sometimes the sheer amount can lead to our routines getting too large. That’s generally why professionals recommend going back to basics at least once every year to help you figure out how to build a workable routine again. This can work, yes, but we inevitably start reaching for further products to help fix a problem when we already know just the thing. The skincare industry has started moving towards helping with this problem to a degree. Hybrid products combining the benefits of multiple products together are emerging that promise to provide us with the care we want while minimizing the number of products we’re using. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular ones.

SPF Moisturizers
To be clear, sunscreen is a limited moisturizer in many ways. It isn’t designed with the exact same goal as a moisturizer though and as a result it tends to only provide these benefits incidentally. A basic moisturizer doesn’t provide any sun protection at all. Some companies are combining SPF providing ingredients with moisturizers to create moisturizers capable of protecting your skin from the sun. The end result is making it easier than ever to avoid harming our skin by forgetting to wear sunscreen. After all, most of us always remember to apply moisturizer at the end of our skincare routine each day. This just makes it that much easier to help guard against mistakes. Don’t forget that most of the standard rules for sunscreen apply in this case too. Make sure that the protection you’re getting is both broad spectrum and offers protection equivalent to at least SPF 30 to ensure it is actually useful.

Retinoid Oils
Most of the time we’re used to think of retinoid creams, but oils are becoming an increasingly popular form of skincare product. They’re particularly good for average to dry skin and capable of filling a lot of roles. Most people don’t immediately think to combine them with a retinoid though. Retinol and its relatives are superior anti-aging compounds that help to stimulate the cell turnover rate in the skin. They do have a downside though: they dry your skin out. Even the traditional night cream can end up accidentally drying your skin out overnight as the retinol sits on your skin. Several companies have begun to try combining them with oil to counteract this issue. It allows them to offer a retinol product that actually moisturizers the skin. These are not as potent as a full moisturizer, but they do offer a nice touch up or option before bed that will help reduce the number of products you’re using while helping to solve a problem with a particular class of product.

SPF Lip Balm
Compared to our other selections this one likely seems mundane. The problem is that many people entirely forget about this option. We remember to use lip balm to provide a moisture seal for our lips, yes, but we end up neglecting the fact that the skin of our lips is incredibly thin by comparison and needs sun protection. SPF lip balm is getting more popular each year as people are becoming more aware of the need to protect their skin though. These products, as with SPF moisturizers, integrate the compounds that provide SPF into a standard lip balm to provide that necessary protection for such a sensitive area of skin. We cannot recommend that you carry one of these around enough. You will want to reapply semi-regularly due to that fact that the lip balm is likely to last an even shorter amount of time than a standard sunscreen thanks to how often it gets worn away.

We can get a lot of good out of multi-tasking products if we’re willing to let them help us. The trick is selecting the ones that will help us the most. We’ve largely highlighted common hybrid products to give you the chance to find others that can help your skin. The general ones we’ve picked should give you a boost, but you’ll only be able to find your perfect skincare combination if you hunt for just the right products for you.

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