Rice Powder for Exfoliation

Rice Powder for Exfoliation

There is little to compare to how smooth your skin feels after being properly exfoliated. Every culture finds something that works best for them, and Asian cultures are no different. Strangely enough, rice powder is one of the most frequently used exfoliating agents in Asia. It does make a little since given rice is a staple part of Asian diets and it only takes a little experimentation by an enterprising mind to find new uses for a common item. You may even have noticed this before when looking at ingredients on an import product that specified it used some form of rice extract. With this in mind, OROGOLD would like to highlight the hows and the whys for rice powder’s use in exfoliating.

Rough or Fine Grained
Rice powder, unlike its name implies, is not always actually a perfectly fine powder like flour. There are some very fine versions of it on the market and those are often called rice flower, but more common varieties are somewhere between the texture of cornmeal and flour, but closer to flour. They are seldom as gritty as cornmeal, but there is enough texture to them that you can feel the rough parts that could help buff your skin. Asian women are as likely to use the powder itself with just a bit of water as they are a product using the powder as its base. Consider how tolerant your skin is of scrubs when looking to try out rice powder and choose the roughness of the powder based on that. Finer grains will always be better for sensitive skin.

Why Rice?
Interestingly enough, rice powder has been used for centuries in some Asian cultures and they had no way of knowing the full benefits. Not only does the texture of rice powder help exfoliate the skin, but compounds within it actually react positively to the skin. One of these has a high degree of similarity to a compound naturally occurring in one of the layers of your skin. This similarity helps boost the skin’s ability to trap moisture and can potentially boost collagen production in the skin. This is notable as it makes rice powder something of the Eastern equivalent to the Western use of vitamin C in skin care products. OROGOLD would like to highlight though that some rice extract or powder based products incorporate vitamin C as well for a greater boost to the skin’s health.

Other Benefits
Beyond just exfoliating, the rice powder itself has a reputation for helping brighten the skin. This is at least partly thanks to the nature of exfoliation itself, but most users note that their skin is just naturally a little brighter after using rice powder as opposed to it feeling like a cumulative effect. Like all exfoliating products though, you need to use it consistently for lasting changes. You can also look for compound products that help combine the benefits of rice powder with other products, like discussed before, to maximize your skin care. Do make sure to do a test patch before using rice powder or a rice powder-based product on your skin though to ensure you don’t react negatively to the substance.

Rice can not only feed you, but it can nourish and polish your skin if you’ll let it. This used to be a secret of Asia, but no you know as well. OROGOLD recommends considering trying a rice powder product as part of an Asian-inspired skin care routine for added authenticity. Additionally, people with particularly sensitive skin may wish to try a rice powder exfoliating product due to the potential for them to be very gentle on the skin while still being effective. Regardless, you know at least one beauty secret of Asia now, so why not find out more?

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