Salt Vs Sugar Scrubs

Salt Vs Sugar Scrubs

Scrubs are one of the more common kinds of exfoliating products available. These use abrasive materials in a mixture of skin supporting compounds to physically exfoliate and remove dead skin. OROGOLD has discussed the many benefits of exfoliation extensively. Exfoliation remains good for your skin whether it is for your face or your body. Many products referred to as scrubs are used on the body. One thing to note is that some people swear by salt scrubs while others claim that sugar is the best. We always want to know what the best options are in skin care, and as a result, we’ve looked into this minor feud in the skin care world. As it turns out, the situation is more complicated than the feud ever seems to let on.

Woman getting a salt scrub treatment.

Salt Scrubs
Salt scrubs are actually something that has been around almost since the beginnings of civilization. Cleopatra herself reportedly had servants to rub a combination of salts and other ingredients on her body when she would bathe. This speaks a lot for the usefulness of a salt scrub in skin care. Salt crystals offer a distinctly potent option for exfoliating away dead skin. The facets of the crystals are rough and capable of loosening even thicker dead skin with a high degree of effectiveness. However, this is also what tends to get salt scrubs into trouble. Their rougher texture often makes them difficult to use with sensitive skin and using them too often can hurt the skin as the salt crystals cut into perfectly healthy living skin beneath the dead skin. This makes salt scrubs less than ideal in some cases.

Sugar scrub

Sugar Scrubs
Where salt crystals are rough-hewn and oddly angled, sugar crystals tend towards more uniform and rounded shapes. This makes them comparatively gentler on the skin when used in a scrub. They are still just as capable at helping remove dead skin in many circumstances, but they aren’t often tough enough to wear down particularly thick patches of rough skin though. They are much better for dealing with more sensitive skin areas such as the face though. OROGOLD recommends trying to predominantly use sugar scrubs for your face for just this reason. The only exception should be when a salt scrub has been specifically formulated for use on the face and even then we would suggest a healthy skepticism be applied before you opt to apply it to your face.

The feud between salt and sugar scrubs has grown out of the perfectly valid points to be made about each set of products. Sugar scrubs are weaker and salt scrubs are stronger. The catch is simply that these relative apparent strengths suit them each for use in particular ways. A salt scrub is typically one of your best options for a body scrubs, but you may wish to focus around the soles of your feet, joints, and other areas where thicker skin tends to build up over time. Sugar scrubs will always be better for your face and sensitive areas where salt crystals may easily rip thinner skin and cause discomfort. All you need to do is remember that each set of products does best in particular circumstances and you’ll be ready to use them to the best effect.

There’s no reason to put salt scrubs against sugar scrubs in skin care. Each one is capable of providing a vital function in your skin care routine as long as you use them appropriately. OROGOLD recommends trying out scrubs if you’re previously avoided them due to mixed information. Just stick to using our simple rules for knowing which ones to use and your skin will soon look healthier and feel softer than you ever believed it could.

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