Spa Exfoliation Treatments

Spa Exfoliation Treatments

At-home exfoliation is a fairly common thing. You find a scrub that looks good, and follow the instructions. The next few days see your skin feeling soft until the scrub’s effects start vanishing as dead skin cells build up on your skin again. You can feel the same thing happen with your face as well when using particular scrubs for it. The collective thing is that none of these at-home treatments tend to take a great deal of time and you’re limited by your own flexibility and memory. Spa treatments offers a different approach that OROGOLD thoroughly endorses. A professional gets to take care of remembering where has been exfoliated and isn’t limited by their own flexibility. Additionally, they can take their time and use scrubs or other methods specifically designed for longer lasting effects.

Sea Salt Scrubs
Many spas pride themselves on their particular mixture of a sea salt scrub. These are almost always exclusively for the body due to the coarse nature of natural sea salt, but some spas occasionally use finer grained versions in a facial scrub. Sea salt scrubs use the coarseness of the salt itself as the primary exfoliator in the mix. For comparison, think of any of the coarser sugar scrub products you may have tried in the past. The sugar in those is also the primary exfoliator. What makes each of these kinds of scrubs though is the other ingredients used alongside them. These other ingredients typically act to repair and fortify the skin as a way to deal with any potential minor damage caused by the scrub itself.

Mitts or Towels
Physical abrasion doesn’t always involve scrubs though. Some spas opts instead for using towels or mitts using fabrics designed specifically for exfoliation. These are often a bit rougher than a standard scrub and as a result OROGOLD does not suggest them for anyone with sensitive skin. The results for those without sensitive skin are often slightly longer lasting than a normal scrub, and have the same feeling of softness afterwards. You will need to hydrate your skin after being subjected to an exfoliation treatment like this though. Fortunately for you, these treatments often only use the physical exfoliation as part of the treatment and will follow it up with oils or other skin soothing compounds to leave your skin feeling good both inside and out.

Some spas offer microdermabrasion in addition to other methods of exfoliation. This is an excellent way to give your face the royal treatment as well. It is often used by celebrities and other elite to look their absolute best. The methods vary slightly, but the general rules is that a finely tipped device or a fine crystalline powder is used to exfoliate the skin to a finer degree than normal and everything is removed by a light suction. This form of exfoliation is typically deeper than most surface treatments, but does not penetrate as deeply as a deep peel. Ideally, this treatment is done alongside other spa treatments to help loosen dead skin cells beforehand and to hydrate and refresh the skin afterwards.

Taking a day out to go to the spa is a nice way to relax. It is also a good way to have your skin renewed if you’ve been lax in some of your routines or wish to get a truly fresh start with which to begin a new routine. The best part about the first two is that you can do a sea salt scrub or use mitts at home. OROGOLD admits they won’t be as effective or pampering as they are when used by a professional, but you can still get some of the benefits from those treatments. Either way, try to arrange a spa day in the near future and treat yourself right.

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