Streamline Your Fall Skin Care Routine

Streamline Your Fall Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin as fall approaches tends to be a time of change. Summer’s demands are beginning to fall away and the lull in temperatures and sunlight gives us room to start contemplating changes to our routines again. That makes the approach of fall the perfect time to reset your skincare routine so that you can streamline it and prepare for the gradual changes that will be happening. Learning how to do this and how to let go of our favorite products can be a bit difficult though. After all, we all have our favorite products and the concept of stepping away from them even for a little while can often feel overwhelming. The good news is that it isn’t actually that hard of a task once you settle into it. We’re going to review some of the major rules to keep in mind when streamlining or resetting your routine. These should help you avoid any unfortunate mistakes and ensure your skin stays happy and healthy.

The Basics Are The Best
Never forget that the basics are essential to any good skincare routine. Cutting them out when streamlining or resetting is a surefire way to end up messing up your skin. Rinsing and cleansing shouldn’t take that much time anyway. You’ll want to keep some general rules in mind though to ensure your skin is as healthy as possible. Rinsing should only ever be done using lukewarm to warm water to avoid any accidental damage to your skin. Yes, hot water can feel wonderful as the days begin to cool, but the chances are higher that the hot water will strip too much of your skin’s natural oils and cause it to produce extra oil to make up for the problem. Additionally, remember to stick to a gentle cleanser. Fall is the beginning of the gradual drop in temperature towards winter, but it is also the time that the air begins drying out too. Too potent a cleanser can end up causing dry skin to become a problem earlier than you want it to be and make it harder to prepare for winter.

Assess Your Priorities
Summer, like every season, has particular skincare priorities to keep in mind. Fall is your chance to gradually shift from summer to winter priorities without irritating your skin. Moisturizer is the first thing you’re going to want to take a closer look at over the course of the fall. In early fall, you can generally keep using the product you were using in summer, but as it gets colder you’ll want to start testing thicker moisturizers. Remember that you’ll likely want to eventually take up step up in terms of thickness when it comes to your moisturizer by the time winter arrives. So gradually test new products and stay alert to any problems you’re noticing. Additionally, you’re going to want to take a slightly closer look at the products you’re using to pamper your skin. Serums can be skin savers in fall and winter as particular foods and activities disappear with the changing seasons. Trying a serum out that nourishes and hydrates your skin will go a long way towards keeping your skin healthy even as fall settles in properly.

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Don’t Drop Your Sunscreen
In the process of streamlining your routine, do not stop using sunscreen. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that the end of summer means they don’t need to use sunscreen anymore. It is an essential product that we need to use all year long to help minimize sun damage as much as possible. The need for it actually escalates during fall and winter thanks to the increased risk of dry, sensitized skin. Such skin is more prone to damage from all sources and the build up of damage over the years is what leads to premature aging. Don’t necessarily feel like you have to use a sunscreen product itself multiple times a day though if you’re largely going to be inside and away from windows. Remember that there are both skincare products and makeup out there that offer SPF as well. You will want to use sunscreen during any time you expect to be outside for an extended period of time though to make sure your skin has the best protection possible.

Streamlining and rebuilding your skincare routine in fall can help you protect your skin better. After all, you’ll be able to meet the changing demands being placed on your skin. Staying ahead of those demands will make it easier for your skin to get through fall and winter with minimal troubles. Just remain open to adjusting your routine as necessary to ensure you avoid the problems presented by dry skin in fall and winter.

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