Summer Skin Saviors

Summer Skin Saviors

Protecting one’s skin during summer is a constant task. That’s due to the consistent strain that summer can put on our skin if we’re not careful. Sun exposure is, was, and will always remain one of the most vexing problems of summer. We all know we’re going to end up spending time out in the sun at some point during summer whether it is because we’re working outdoors or enjoying a gathering with friends. The catch is that it can be difficult figuring out how exactly to respond to that sun exposure beyond a few way. Learning how to properly protect your skin when facing a day in the sun can do wonders to keep your skin happy and healthy both during exposure and after. There are a few things you can do that will be your skin’s saviors over the course of the summer as long as you’re willing to stick with them. Let’s take a quick look at these habits you’ll want to cultivate to keep your skin happy and healthy through summer and beyond.

Before A Day Out
This is one of the simpler sets of habits to cultivate when facing the summer sun. Make sure yo0u moisturize every day. Your skin is going to want that extra moisture and seal throughout the day. The optimal time to apply your moisturizers is just before you get out of the shower, but after you’ve turned off the water as it will ensure the most moisture possible is trapped in your skin. However, you can apply it just after you get out of the shower for an only slightly lessened effect. The extra moisture that gets trapped this way will help your skin be more resilient in the face of sun damage all day. You’ll then want to look into applying sunscreen before you ever step outside. Any sunscreen worth its name will give you broad spectrum protection of an SPF 30 or higher. This will actually protect your skin for a decent amount of time as well as providing a further barrier against sun damage.

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During A Day Out
Our biggest mission during times outside is to keep track of when we need to renew our sunscreen. Remember that sunscreen loses it effectiveness after an hour and a half to two hours depending on the formula and whether or not you’re getting in water. Pausing to reapply regularly helps to ensure that your sunscreen provides a consistent level of protection throughout the day rather than your initial application gradually fading over time. You can also reapply a moisturizer, but sunscreens tend to be lightly moisturizing and can thereby help maintain that particular barrier throughout the day. However, you will want to see about sticking to the shade whenever possible during the day. Remember that your skin tanning is a sign of sun damage regardless of how nice it looks. Favoring the shade will further improve the effectiveness of your sunscreen while still letting you enjoy your time outside. After your day out is over, you’ll have one last set of considerations and habits to remember.

After A Day Out
Aftercare can be particularly important after being out in the sun. You’ll want to make sure that any burnt areas receive rapid treatment. Apply soothing products such as aloe vera to the area to help reduce the inflammation. You will also want to ensure that you bathe thoroughly after coming in from outside to rid yourself of any sweat and reduce the chances of experiencing a breakout. Both of these will help get your skin back to a more neutral state that can be properly tended to in the evening. Moisturizing thoroughly again after showering is advisable so that your skin has that extra boost to help it remain calm throughout the night and better able to heal itself. The biggest thing you’re going to want to remember is to apply a product rich in antioxidants to your skin. This will help to neutralize any free radicals that being out in the sun has introduced into your skin. Anti-aging products and any product rich in vitamin C will typically do this job nicely.

Taking good care of your skin in the summer is a necessity given the chance of sun damage is higher than any other time of year. The long days conspire against us all. Cultivating the right habits and using the right products will help counter the problem though. Those summer skin saviors will help you minimize long-term damage to your skin while keeping it healthy and resilient no matter what the summer throws at it.

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