Tips for Glowing Skin All Through the Holidays

Tips for Glowing Skin All Through the Holidays

Cold weather means taking care of your skin becomes more of a chore than it is usually. Dry fall and winter weather can easily hurt your skin if you’re not careful. This can lead to a loss of your natural, healthy glow even if you’re in decent health. No one wants to look or be sick for the holidays. There are a few ways you can fight back against the chill in the air and take proper care of your skin though. OROGOLD has put together a few tips on how you can keep looking your best all the way through the holiday season. These tips cover how to fight dryness and diminish its effects on your skin as well as habits to change or avoid until spring arrives again. There is one universal tip though that we’ll get out of the way now: Keep remembering your sunscreen.

Avoid Adding to the Problem
Sometimes our habits are what get the best of our skin over the holidays. Most of us get used to using particular products all the time and we don’t change them out even if a season demands it. One of the places this problem is most pronounced is with chemical exfoliation products. These utilize acids that frequently dry out the skin. This can compound the problems colder weather brings to your skin already. OROGOLD recommends finding a gentle, physical exfoliation product or to find a chemical one specifically formulated for dry skin. Additionally, you want to avoid using water excessively hot water in winter. Most of us look forward to relaxing by fires or taking hot showers to deal with cold seeping beneath our skin. The problem is that hot water can cause the skin to dry out as well. You don’t need to take a cold or lukewarm shower, but don’t go too far past lukewarm or you might damage your skin.

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The dry air is one of the biggest problems over the holidays. It leaches away the moisture that helps keep your skin looking fresh. You probably want to try using a slightly heavier moisturizer in winter than you usually use. This will help offset the extra dryness in the air, but experimentation is key to find what is right for your skin. Additionally, you should try to avoid exposing your skin to the cold, dry air whenever possible. This doesn’t mean you should avoid going out though. Dress appropriately when going out in the cold. Wear scarves, gloves, coats, and all the other clothing associated with cold weather to provide an extra barrier from the air. When combined with proper moisturizing, this should help keep your skin stay moisturized.

Hydrate Both Yourself and the Air
One of the best ways to counteract the dry air is to stay hydrated. Your skin doesn’t just trap moisture from contact. Drinking regular water allows your skin to replace moisture from the inside to the outer. Using moisturizers, like discussed before, helps trap both this and the extra moisture from washing in your skin. You should indulge in holiday specific drinks, but don’t forget to routinely drink your water. Consider setting up a humidifier in rooms that you and others frequent as well. This will restore moisture to the air and in turn hold off the dryness at least in that room. It provides a very simple solution, but this obviously only works in smaller rooms inside and doesn’t help at all when you’re out and about. It does make a difference whether people will be applying lip balm at a holiday gathering though.

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing isn’t that difficult. You simply need to adjust how you think about the holiday season and remember that you should be considering your skin during that time as much as others. All it takes is a few simple habit adjustments to make your routine and habits keep working wonderfully. OROGOLD suggests carefully experimenting with any new products you may wish to try over the holidays. A few tests as fall comes to a close should give you a better idea of what will work best for your skin as the air finishes drying out. Then you’ll be ready for whatever the weather brings.

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