Top Fall Skin Care Ingredients

Top Fall Skin Care Ingredients

Fall’s arrival means it is time to reassess your skin care products. Some of the ones that work just fine in summer may not be enough as the air cools and dries out with the turning of seasons. This generally means looking for more effective moisturizers more than anything else. Those aren’t the only things to consider though. OROGOLD is here to provide you with a brief overview of some ingredients you should be looking for in your skin care products to deal with the coming weather. You may not need to change over quite yet, but you should definitely consider replacing any product you have with one that includes some of these products the next time you need to replace one. Fall and winter might be needlessly rough on your skin if you don’t.

One thing that anyone in skin care will tell you is that things closer to your skin’s natural defenses tend to work wonders. Ceramides are no different. These are more or less identical to naturally occurring fats in the skin that help trap moisture. Without them, your skin begins to dry out quickly along with all the accompanying visuals and discomfort. Most of the time your skin has enough outside of the slow loss to age, but fall and winter can tax your skin’s moisture barrier all on their own. Using a moisturizer based around ceramides offers you a rapid response to drying skin that your body will recognize and use readily. They are effective as an emergency spot treatment, but it is better to be using this product routinely before such a situation for the best results.

Ascorbic acid formula.

Ascorbic Acid
Physical scrubs are a bit rougher on your skin during fall and winter thanks to the comparative dryness of the air. This makes switching to cleansers or exfoliating agents that use chemicals rather than a rough texture to remove skin a better choice. Most options use hydroxy acids and these are a good option. You will want to look for ones including ascorbic acid as well though. This is the chemical name for vitamin C. Not only can ascorbic acid help even tone over time, but it nourishes your skin as other chemical exfoliating ingredients work. By boosting collagen production, it can even help reduces the appearance of fine lines and other skin imperfections that dry air can otherwise exacerbate.

Hyaluronic Acid
There is a lot to be said for the virtues of hyaluronic acid. Despite its name, it doesn’t actually dry out the skin like other acids. It does the opposite. This particular acid absorbs water at an astonishing rate and in turn this makes it exceptional at helping to hydrate the skin as each portion of it that penetrates the skin brings with it more moisture than many other compounds can hope to provide. This moisture helps it to fill skin back out and smooth away wrinkles. Obviously it also is of tremendous help when it comes to helping stop your skin from drying out due to changing weather. Hyaluronic acid does play well with other ingredients, so don’t be surprised to find it in any number of skin care products. It will do you the most good in moisturizing products though.

These ingredients all have a place in skin care throughout the year, but drier weather demands an appropriate response. Sometimes this means shifting the priority of the ingredients in the products you use. OROGOLD encourages you to keep a closer eye on your skin as the weather changes. To keep looking your best involves keeping an eye open for any changes to your skin. With a careful eye and the right products, your skin will barely notice the weather has changed.

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