Treating Dry Skin During The Transition to Spring

Treating Dry Skin During The Transition to Spring

Dry skin is a fairly traditional winter problem. This is because the cold, dry air constantly works against our skin’s health. Even a few little mistakes in our skincare can end up causing us to contend with dry skin all winter long. Most of us take plenty of steps to help avoid this though. We use humidifiers to make our spaces less taxing on our skin while remembering to apply a thicker moisturizer for that extra bit of help. Some of us even regularly go to spas for hydrating facials to help further offset the potential issue. Unfortunately, it isn’t always enough to avoid dry skin. The only end in sight is when winter begins to turn to spring. We’re there now and there are at least some of us in this unenviable position. Your dry skin problems will be over soon, but you’re going to need to take proper care of it to ensure everything heals well. We’ve got a few tips on how you can do just that and be ready to greet spring with a genuine smile.

Be Mindful of the Weather
Your biggest problem as the seasons change is the unpredictable nature of the weather. You’re going to be in a situation where you’ll potentially need to vary the thickness of your moisturizer relatively regularly until the temperatures and humidity stabilize. This isn’t going to be the best thing for your skin, but not acknowledging the need for careful attention and response to the weather would be even worse. Spring is the time to step back from the winter rule and return to your normal moisturizer. This is to help avoid trapping too many of your nature oils close to your skin and encouraging a breakout or overall dullness. Additionally, you’ll potentially need to start reassessing how frequently your exfoliate as the weather begins to warm. Cold temperatures mean more dead, dry skin to deal with, yes, but they also mean greater sensitivity overall. If you need to change your exfoliation schedule in winter, now is the time to start changing it back.

Wear Your Sunscreen
Most of us are going to have fewer issues remembering this in spring, but it bears repeating that you’ll want to remember to keep applying sunscreen in spring. Dry skin in particular needs this layer of defense as it prevents UV rays from being able to damage the more sensitive skin. You might want to consider spring a good time to try out some non-traditional SPF products though. SPF moisturizers and similar products can make for good replacements for sunscreen in some lifestyles. They provide the greater boost of focused skincare while still offering the protection your skin needs each day. Many people find this more convenient than remembering to apply sunscreen constantly. It turns an extra step into just another part of your usual routine instead. You will want to give a product at least a month’s trial run to ensure it works for you and doesn’t cause any negative skin reactions though. This will help minimize any issues from chaotic adjustment of products during this period.

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Treat Yourself
We recommend going to the spa at least once as spring is settling in. A good full body treatment and facial can go a long way towards helping restore dry skin. They will also help brighten and boost the rest as well. This will create a situation where the overall appearance of your skin is much more even and overall smoother in appearance. Sometimes we need this after a long winter with dry skin. Additionally, the professionals at a spa can give you targeted advice on how to handle problem areas that are persisting despite focused care. While one treatment alone is good, you’ll typically want to strive for two to three times to ensure your skin gets the most out of it. Dry skin can be especially resistant when it comes to healing properly and using nourishment to repair itself. A little extra help just ensures that it doesn’t get in its own way.

Taking care of dry skin in winter is one of the more difficult skincare tasks that we can end up with any given year. Fortunately, you can watch your calendar for when you can expect relief. Working towards healing the skin are the weather warms and the skies brighten is far easier and gives you enough time to work at repairing any damage done over the course of the winter. You’ll then be able to fully embrace spring’s beauty without worrying about what others think of your skin.

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