Treating Infected Blackheads

Treating Infected Blackheads

Taking care of one’s skin tends to be a major concern among those of us who try to look our best regularly. There are a lot of barriers to this goal, though. Our skin frequently doesn’t seem like it wants to cooperate at all. Breakouts happen on whims that we don’t always understand while our skin’s natural processes for keeping itself clean fail to work quite as well as we want them too. All of this and more exists even if we skip over the potential for unexpressed skin conditions that simply decide to enter our lives one day and say hello. It may be difficult, but we manage. Part of managing all of that means recognizing a problem for what it is and treating appropriately. Knowing how to tell an infected blackhead from a normal one can be particularly important when it comes to preventing a worse issue. Once you can identify one, you can treat it.

Recognizing The Problem
Some people think recognizing an infected blackhead with be a bit difficult because all blackheads look alike. This isn’t true as there are some very clear signs when a blackhead is becoming more of a problem than simply being a blackhead. One fairly clear one is redness or tenderness to the area surrounding the blackhead. This is a sign of inflammation and means your body is trying its best to heal or contain a problem in that area. Sometimes you may feel like the area around the blackhead is warmer than the rest of your skin as well. Worse symptoms can include swelling of the area around the blackhead or more overt pain than simple tenderness to the touch. All of these are cues that you should begin trying to treat the area as quickly and carefully as possible to keep your skin healthy. There are two routes this can take depending on the severity of the infection. A basic case you can typically treat yourself.

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Cleaning Up A Mess
The best way to handle an infected blackhead is simply to focus on routine skincare. It is a clear sign that the area needs to be properly and regularly cleaned to help improve its health. You’ll want to be gentle with the area while it is still infected, but an acne fighting product that includes salicylic acid is probably your best option for helping break up the blocked pore while the rest of your body helps to quell the infection. Notably, you’re going to want to make sure to wash your hands before and after you clean the area. This is the help prevent the spread of any bacteria that could result in a worse infection or spread the infection around. Be very attentive to if the infected blackhead releases any pus or another liquid. You’ll want to clean this up quickly and without letting to spread to anywhere else on your skin for the above mentioned reason. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy skincare routine in all this though as light exfoliation can also help heal the area. You should consider talking to a doctor if the infection won’t let up from this care.

Practiced Hands
Lasting skin infections are a problem that we all need to acknowledge. They aren’t the most common result of an infected blackhead, but it can happen. A long lasting and resistant infection is something to see your dermatologist about. They might need to extract the offending plug from your pore carefully before the area can begin to heal. Most of the time you will also get an antibiotic to help reduce the infection in the area as well. This will help weaken the bacteria in the area so that your body can do the proper cleaning up that it needs to do to get your skin healthy again. Do not hesitate to talk to your dermatologist if an infected blackhead lasts beyond a week when being properly cared for as that is potentially a sign of this kind of infection. Letting a resistant infection last without treatment is a surefire way to risk long term skin damage.

All of what we discussed should give you a better idea on how to recognize and treat infected blackheads. They are just another one of those skincare troubles that turn up from time to time to make things interesting. You should have few troubles in dealing with the issue between our two suggested approaches. You’ll be prepared for whatever kind of infection it is and know how to move forward to clear and healthy skin again quickly.

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