Treatment for Hormone Related Acne

Treatment for Hormone Related Acne

While bacteria and inflammation are usually the two most common causes of adult acne, hormones can also trigger this condition. From adjusting your diet to incorporating new products into your skin care routine, these are some of the ways in which you can treat hormone related acne.

Cut Back on Refined Carbs
An imbalanced diet that contains an excess of refined carbs has been proven to be linked to hormone related acne. While the reason for this is still being debated, many scientists predict that the raised insulin levels brought about by the refined carbs cause the body to release specific hormones that are known to increase oil production and inflame follicles.

Tea Tree Oil
While benzoyl peroxide is often the ingredient of choice when it comes to treating adult acne, this can often be quite harsh, and unless used every day, is not as effective. If your breakouts only happen at certain times of the month, then you do not want to be continuously using any harsh ingredients, which makes tea tree oil a great natural alternative. An ingredient that is native to Australia, tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that enable it to decrease inflammation within skin cells, while also reducing any acne-causing bacteria. However, although there may be many different skin care products out there containing tea tree oil, be sure to use one that contains it at a 5% concentration at least, or up to 15% for really severe cases of acne.

Stress Management
Stress on its own rarely causes acne, but it can easily exacerbate the condition to quite an extent. While the way in which it does so is not yet fully understood, scientists believe that the acne comes about due to the stress hormone, cortisol, released throughout the body, which triggers inflammation levels and stimulates the oil glands. There are many different ways to manage stress, but the key to maintaining this is to find a method that works for you. Whether this may be physical exercise, yoga, meditation, or picking up a new hobby, working out a way to manage your stress will do your acne a world of good.

Birth Control Pill
There are a few types of birth control pill that have been approved for use when it comes to treating hormone related acne in adults. The pill contains the same hormones that are produced by the body, estrogen and progestin, but in different amounts, and lowers the testosterone levels within the body. Since testosterone is known to increase oil production, which in turn triggers breakouts, the decrease of this can dramatically reduce the amount of acne experienced. However, this method of acne treatment is only recommended for those who are already seeking a birth control method, or for those who have had no success with topical treatments.

Hormone related acne can be extremely frustrating, as there is often not much that you can do to prevent it. However, by using effective products and developing healthy and relaxing lifestyle habits, you will soon be able to gain more control over your breakouts.

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