What Picosecond Laser Therapy Treats

What Picosecond Laser Therapy Treats

Laser skin therapies are still relatively new as far as cosmetic procedures go, but they’ve been with us long enough that many of us have heard about them or had a limited experience with them. Laser therapies are interesting in that they offer a means to treat a variety of potential skin conditions as well as other problems in a non-invasive way. The exchange for this is that most of the time these treatments need to be repeated to have the full effect and there is some level of discomfort involved with it. Different kinds of lasers also having varying levels of effectiveness depending on the skin tone of the patient. That’s actually the most glaring issue with most such treatments is the simple fact that they have difficulty working well for people with darker skin tones. Some people are finding ways around this limitation, but it is worth acknowledging that shortcoming before we look into what one of the kids of laser therapies, picosecond laser therapy, can do for you. It is a relatively flexible treatment that is worth looking into for many people.

Tattoo Removal
This is actually the major use of the technology for many people. Picosecond laser therapy is capable of getting to pigments placed within the skin in ways that few other treatments can and actually helps break apart the pigment. Making the chains of pigmentation break apart actually allows the body to process them over time and remove the foreign elements from the skin. Admittedly, this takes a fair number of treatments to start with and can take even more depending on the overall size of the tattoo. The average number of treatments its can take ranges between four and six spread out with a few weeks between each some that the body has time to recover from the treatment and dispose of the disrupted components of the tattoo. In essence, this allows for high speed fading and removal. There are no restrictions on the technology either as both colored and monochrome tattoos are capable of being removed with equal ease. This kind of laser therapy has more uses though.

Scar Reduction
Treating scars with picosecond laser therapy actually works in a couple of ways. One of the most immediately obvious ones is that the therapy can actually even out disrupted pigmentation in the skin. This tends to be a larger problem with scars as darker areas around the lighter scar can end up drawing more attention to it. Evening out the overall pigmentation helps to reduce scar visibility. It is worth noting that picosecond laser therapy is best suited for treating acne scars. However, this limitation comes with an interesting benefit as well. The therapy actually stimulates the skin’s natural healing processes at the same time that it evens out the pigmentation around the scar. Studies have shown an increase in collagen and elastin production within the damaged areas that further lessens the overall appearance of the scars over time. That makes it highly useful for getting rid of stubborn acne scarring as well as giving it another use.

Woman reducing wrinkles via laser therapy

Wrinkle Reduction
Anything capable of boosting collagen and elastin production within the skin is a perfect candidate for a form of anti-aging treatment. Loss of collagen, one of the body’s primary structural proteins, is common in areas where the skin folds and consistently damages the collagen. This in turn leads to a loss of supporting materials that allows for the formation of wrinkles. Lacking that support tends to leave the skin to stretch out more and start to sag as it doesn’t have the necessary support to stay healthy. That in turn damages elastin in the skin and makes it less able to bounce back. Proper application of picosecond laser therapy can help fight back against these problems when they happen from either bad habits or simply time itself. This boost can help fight back against the immediate signs of aging and help you maintain a more youthful overall appearance. It does take a skilled professional to give you the best result though and that is worth keeping in mind when considering picosecond laser therapy for any kind of treatment.

Laser skin therapies of all sorts are likely to become even more common as the years go by. There are already more than most of us can keep track of out there with researchers figuring out new refinements or treatment methods regularly. Picosecond laser therapy is just one of these options. We’ve gone over some of its major uses, but you can discuss the therapy with a cosmetic professional when looking into non-invasive treatment options. This will give you a clearer picture of the best options available to you and what to expect from those treatments.

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