Why Exfoliation is Good for Your Skin

Why Exfoliation is Good for Your Skin

Most people adopt some form of exfoliation into their skin care routine because people constantly remark on how it is good for skin. Not everyone explains why it is good for your skin though. It seems a little nonsensical on the face of things that rubbing your skin and peeling away parts of it could potentially benefit it. From that description alone, you might even think it sounds like a sure way to actually damage your skin. There are reasons that exfoliation is good for your skin though and OROGOLD intends to explain them. This should give you a better picture of why you exfoliate beyond people assuring you it is necessary. It all ties into how your skin works.

Removing Dead Skin
The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of your skin and is composed entirely of dead skin cells that your body is slowly shedding. It provides a layer of protection for the layer just below it where the newest skin cells are still forming. This is good for your skin, but the fact is that dead skin cells also tend to be a bit dull. Your skin also doesn’t perfectly shed things sometimes thanks to various possible skin conditions. Exfoliation helps correct this by helping your skin to rid itself of the layers of dead skin. You won’t be removing the entire layer with exfoliation, but you will be exposing younger skin rather than the outermost layers of dead skin. This will give your skin a healthier shine to it rather than a dull look. It will also help remove dead skin cells that might otherwise be caught in your skin’s natural oils and contribute to a breakout.

You’ll often find that many directions for how to exfoliate suggest using small, upwards pushing circles when you’re using an exfoliating product. These circles not only help ensure your skin absorbs the product properly, but they also encourage circulation beneath the skin. Circulation helps prompt various systems in your skin into activity. Collagen production is the one that OROGOLD thinks people should be most concerned with when it circulation though. A lot of products, exfoliating and otherwise, incorporate Vitamins C & E to promote collagen production. You’re naturally promoting every time you encourage circulation in your face. Combining the two provides an extra dose of help when it comes to preemptively fighting signs of aging. This blood flow can also help with the absorption of some compounds by bringing more body heat to the areas with increased circulation and thereby encouraging the product to penetrate further into the skin.

Better Product Use
Think back to what you know about cleansers. They help remove layers of oils and grime to ensure products can reach your skin better. Exfoliating regularly contributes to that by removing the layers of dead skin discussed in the first part. It gives all of your products better access directly to your skin without losing any to trying to pass through the layers. This helps improve overall product efficacy as the same time it is improving your skin’s looks through a natural shine and improved circulation. It helps to pick products that will take advantage of this extra help rather than waste it. Consequently, try finding exfoliating products that will fortify your skin through their use even as they help shed dead skin. This will better complement any others products you use to boost your skin’s overall health.

Exfoliation isn’t a step in skin care that offers you a single benefit. It provides layered benefits. This is rather fitting given it is often simply a single layer in a skin care routine. The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t exfoliate too often or too hard to avoid fully uncovering the sensitive layers of your skin. This can cause unwanted tenderness and redness of the skin. OROGOLD suggests consulting a skin care professional about the proper amount of exfoliation for your skin type. Exfoliating properly will leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful.

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