Why Peels Need to Be Your Fall Skincare Treatment of Choice

Why Peels Need to Be Your Fall Skincare Treatment of Choice

Whether you spent long days at the beach or not over the summer, your skin still likely received an excess amount of sun exposure, which can cause serious damage on a cellular level. When it comes to reversing this damage and rejuvenating the skin, peels have so many different benefits, which is why they should be your skin care treatment of choice every fall.

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by exposure to the sun, and, since this builds up over time, you are likely to only really begin noticing the effects of this in the fall. Peels are known to be able to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and different levels of peels can be chosen depending on how severe the issue is. If there is just some mild discoloration, a superficial peel that uses alpha or beta hydroxy acids will be able to treat this, while if the discoloration is deeper, a medium or deep peel may be necessary.

Skin Texture
The sun can have quite a detrimental impact on skin texture, but, just like with hyperpigmentation, you are likely to only notice the effects of this in the fall. While there are many serums and creams that will help with this, a peel is able to increase cell turnover on a deeper level, while gently exfoliating the skin to create an even texture.

Acne breakouts are extremely common in the fall, but a peel is able to help with this. A mild chemical peel is usually all that is needed, and this will not only reduce the effects that any acne will have on your skin, but can also minimize any blemishes on your skin that have been caused by acne in the past.

Collagen Production
Not only does the body’s natural production of collagen slow down with age, but sun exposure can also have an impact on this, making it important to give your collagen production a slight boost in the fall. Thanks to the particular exfoliation process that is experienced during a chemical peel, collagen production and cell renewal are stimulated, resulting in skin that looks much younger and healthier.

Quick Procedure
Peels are usually quite a quick procedure, making them ideal for the busy days of fall. Since peels are not required to be administered by a doctor, a dermatologist can perform it, making it easy to find a professional near you who offers the type of peel that you require. Most dermatologists will be able to perform a peel in around 15 minutes, and they also do not require any downtime.

Peels are considered to be one of the least invasive ways in which to dramatically improve your skin, both in the way that it looks, as well as how it feels. While there may be many other treatments for the issues mentioned above, peels are usually far more cost effective, do not require any downtime, and have decades worth of clinical research behind them, backing up the drastic way in which they are able to bring about huge improvements to the skin.

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