Winter Skin Care Tips From the Pros

Winter Skin Care Tips From the Pros

Winter brings with it particular demands on our skin. These demands, if not met, can end up causing problems for our skin the entire season. That’s why you should really consider altering your skincare routine a little in winter. A few simple changes is all it takes to help ensure that your skin remains healthy. Not all of us have an idea on the kind of changes we can make to our routines and habits that can benefit our skin though. Admittedly, there is also the small subset of us who took the advice of friends on winter skincare and received less than adequate results as well. That is why it is important to get information on what you should be doing from professionals. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to come by and we’ve got our share of winter skin care tips to give you right now. Professionals tend to agree on the best steps to take for adequate winter skincare.

Prevention Is Best
Dry skin is one of the most common issues we face in winter. It is also one of the most stubborn and difficult to get rid of due to winter air seldom cooperating when it comes to helping to keep our skin healthy. Most professionals encourage prevention as one of the best ways to take care of your skin in the winter even as the weather gets cold. The most common steps in prevention center around ensuring adequate hydration for your skin. Changing your moisturizer is one of the better ways to do this. The conventional advice is to use a moisturizer that is one step heavier than usual in winter to ensure the best results. People with dry skin will want to find the thickest oil-based cream they can find to keep their skin happy, but people with oily skin will want to find a nice water-based lotion to keep their skin healthy. The rest of us need to work out what works between these two extremes.

Be Gentle To Your Skin
Harsh products and actions tend to affect your skin more deeply in winter. This is because it is already dealing with the constant degradation caused by the cool, dry air. Your best option is to work against it rather than supporting it by adding harsh habits on top of that. This means you’re going to need to step away from the traditional haven of winter: the hot shower. A hot, steaming shower feels wonderful when it is cold outside, but it frequently so hot that it is actually hurting your skin. All the hot water strips your skin’s natural oil barrier, which helps to protect your skin and preserve moisture, and leaves it more susceptible to damage. Additionally, you’re going to want to favor gentle products for use on your skin. Consider looking for products specifically marked as being for sensitive skin during winter. These will help your skin without adding an unwanted burden on it.

Woman applying sunscreen in winter
Sunscreen Is Still Good
A major complaint that many professionals have is that people think they can neglect applying sunscreen in winter. There isn’t some magic part of winter that makes UV rays stop being an issue. Yes, you might not be outside as much, but many of us like to sit by the window fairly regularly. You’re still getting exposed there. You cannot give up on using sunscreen throughout the winter and expect your skin to stay healthy. The sun damage will contribute to drying your skin out as well as contributing to a slightly higher rate of overall damage thanks to lessened defenses due to the dry air. Nothing changes the fact that you need to wear sunscreen and if you live in an area that gets large amounts of snow you doubly need to wear sunscreen to help minimize any damage from reflected light. Remember that the goal for any sunscreen is to include a physical blocker like zinc oxide as an active ingredient while providing broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. This will keep your skin properly protected.

These tips are some of the more consistent headaches of skincare experts. They’ve explained these points to people time and time again without them appearing to stick. That’s why we’ve put them in a handy, easily reviewed list. Hopefully this will help you ensure that you’re taking good care of your skin this winter.

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